Finally, the truth is coming out…

Four of the best-selling blood pressure medications can cause serious bodily harm… and in some cases, death.

Users are getting dizzy, fatigued, faint, and sick. And yet, these drugs do nothing to correct the underlying problem that causes hypertension.

That’s why I want you to have the names of these potentially harmful drugs, and let me tell you… they include some big ones like Lisinopril and Norvasc.

But I’m not going to stop there. I’m also going to show you a safe natural solution that doesn’t just treat hypertension but actually corrects it.

Plus, I’ll show you what really causes heart disease and its related hypertension. It’s NOT what you’ve been led to believe, but the good news is it can be easily reversed.

Do you really want to pile on the drugs?

Most doctors never take the drugs they prescribe. Which is why they can be oblivious to the consequences.

They learn in medical school to prescribe this drug for that problem. And if that drug doesn’t work, they’ve been taught to try a different drug, or to add another drug or two.

You’re like a guinea pig with these drug combinations until the doctor gets the numbers he wants. Two drugs, three drugs, maybe even 4 or 5 drugs like Dan and Jonathan were taking.

And yet, hypertension is not caused by a lack of drugs. There’s a reason you have it, and most likely that underlying problem can be corrected.

That’s what I’m going to show you today – how to actually fix your blood pressure problem, so you can get off these drugs and feel good again.

I’m sure your doctor will be happy to see you off the drugs, if you can get your blood pressure down and keep it down.

Natural Blood Pressure Solution

It’s as simple as doing a few things that will bring your blood pressure down, while stopping a few things that have been pushing your blood pressure up.

It’s really the combination of these two actions that makes it work so well. And I’ll show you several things in both categories in just a moment, so you can get started today.

Don’t worry about taking notes during my presentation. I’ve put everything in today’s presentation in a book — The Blood Pressure Solution – and you can get a copy.

My solution includes dozens of tips and techniques from the latest research from around the world, along with a simple program I’ve developed for my patients at the Merritt Wellness Clinic in Austin, Texas.

Thousands have been helped by it and it’s easy to do. Here’s just a sampling

Why the American Heart Association HAS IT ALL WRONG ON SALT. You can enjoy salt again, as long as it’s the right kind (hint – not the one in the dark blue canister, nor any salt substitute)!

A delicious beverage that, in a university study, lowered blood pressure by 12 points — as good as many drugs!

My tasty “Butter Shortcut” trick that simplifies what foods to eat (bacon passes this test with flying colors – but so-called “healthy Muesli flunk out cold).

Why the DASH Diet is “Dead On Arrival.” It’s not just tasteless and impossible for most people to maintain… but can leave your body no choice but to pile on the fat!

A simple stress-lowering technique that sends your blood pressure plunging – it’s so easy you can do it even while waiting in traffic.

5 FAST exercises you can do at home without any equipment. No grueling or tedious workouts. You get all the health benefits you need in just minutes per week.

I’m also going to throw open the doors of “Mother Nature’s Pharmacy” …telling you about dozens of tasty foods and refreshing beverages that can help knock your pressure down fast.

When they drank this tea they had healthier blood pressure than anyone else in the study, including those who deprived themselves with tasteless diets!

And here’s something else you’ll appreciate…

My Blood Pressure Solution doesn’t just help you get your numbers in check. You’ll be surprised to see the pounds melt away… so that you gain new energy and also get relief from stiff, aching joints.

That’s because my recommendations work synergistically to promote good health throughout your body. In the process, the underlying problem causing your hypertension is vanquished!

That’s what Fernando, from Dallas, Texas discovered … Fernando is practically a “neighbor” to us, so when he dropped by our office to thank us for this great solution, we got him on tape...

So, how do you get The Blood Pressure Solution?

You could come to my Wellness Center in Austin, Texas, where you’d invest from $360 to $550 for a series of visits to help you succeed….

But I know that’s not practical for most people. So, I have a better idea at a tiny fraction of the cost…

Ordinarily, The Blood Pressure Solution, with web and phone support and 5 FREE bonuses, plus a 100% money back guarantee, runs $150. But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that…

Because I’m impressed you’ve shown a commitment to your good health by listening to my presentation all the way through…

So I’m going to slash $100 off your price today. Which means you need only make a one-time remittance of $54!